Deposit Returns & Leaving Arrangements - Lettings Properties


In order for your deposit cheques to processed efficiently, you will need to carry out the following:

- Liaise with your landlord regarding his/her leaving arrangements for the property. You will need to clean the property, return it in good order, remove any rubbish, and return all your keys. The main charges against deposits last year were due to cleaning and rubbish removal so please make sure you clean thoroughly!

- Have your landlord confirm to us in writing that they have received all of the above and have checked the property for cleanliness etc and that they are happy for us to pay out the deposits.

- We require a forwarding postal address sent to us for each individual tenant so that we can process your deposit return cheque (in accordance with your contractual obligations). Please ensure you put put a note of your Dove Properties house/flat address with it.

Note: Please do not leave all your rubbish disposal until the last week and/or your final bin collection. Experience tells us that there will be far too much for one bin load and the bin men will not take away any rubbish not stored securely within the bin (with the bin lid shut). We recommend starting as early as possible!!

Note: Sheffield City Council run a "Red Sack Scheme" to assist you in getting rid of excess waste towards the end of your tenancy. The Red Sacks can be collected from your University at certain times only. The red sacks should be left out on the pavement by your refuse bin on certain bin collection days only. Look out for details at your University Accommodation Bureau!!