Rental Payments

In order to coincide with landlord mortgage dates, tenant rental payments must be paid on the dates as agreed with ourselves for your property. We will accept either standing orders or cheques for your rent payments.

Should you be reliant on your student loan to pay your rent and this is unexpectedly delayed, we may be able to delay your rent payment by a few days. Should you wish to request a rent payment delay for this reason, please submit your request in writing to and scan in a copy of your student loan finance document showing the anticipated arrival time of your loan monies.

Please note without any such agreement in place any standing orders not received on the agreed rent payment dates may be subject to delayed payment charges. Similarly, should any rent cheques bounce these will be subject to a bounced cheque charge. Please see your tenancy agreement for further details.

Please note we do not accept cash payments. Payments must either be made by debit card, bank transfer or cheque.