Out of Hours - Managed Properties Only

If you are corresponding in relation to a suspected Gas leak please immediately call:

The National Gas Emergency Number on 0800 111 999. https://cadentgas.com/home

For information on any Electrical Power cuts affecting your area please visit:


If you are in a property managed day to day by your landlord, please contact them directly for their instructions. If you are in a property managed by Dove Properties, please see below.

Please note that an emergency is classed as when the incident is dangerous or life-threatening, or may cause serious damage to your house or adjoining properties. If your issue is not classed as an “emergency” you should wait until office hours e.g., lost keys, locked out of bedroom etc. Any false or non-emergency call-outs may be refused or subject to a fee. 

If you are experiencing boiler or heating problems and the property has “British Gas” "Property Heat Care" or “Failsafe Heating” boiler repair cover then please call them direct for emergency assistance and quote your property address. Alternatively please wait for office hours.

Should you have a major water leak, please locate the mains water stop cock, usually in the cellar or in the kitchen, and turn the water off (usually turn tap clockwise) and then drain the system by running the taps into the sinks.  

For any white goods repairs e.g., Fridge Freezers and Washing Machines, you can contact D.A.R.T -  our white good supplier, directly on 0114 266 1699. 

Should tenants have damaged the property out of office hours, and where it is not the responsibility of the landlord to repair or replace - then the tenants should arrange an exact "like for like" repair with a local contractor from yell.com. For example, a blocked toilet, smashed window, inappropriate activation of fire or burglar alarm etc. The tenants are responsible for paying such items to the contractor. 

If you have lost your keys you should make alternative arrangements and wait for our office to be open. In case of a break-in or other emergency lock issues our Locksmith (for "managed" properties), who is sometimes available out of hours, is Barkers Locksmiths Tel: 07775 660 358. Please call them direct. If the cause of the lockout is tenant fault you will need to pay them directly on site.

In extreme circumstances, tenants of "managed" properties only, may contact a contractor direct (e.g., by Yell.com) to organise a repair out of hours. Tenants will be reimbursed if the charge is justified, billable to the landlord (e.g., not tenant fault), and a receipt is kept and provided to us. Alternatively, please call the emergency services.

If you are a tenant of a “managed” property (where Dove are the property managers, not the landlord) and are corresponding out of hours in relation to an emergency you may be able to contact emergencies@doveproperties.co.uk and we will endeavour to respond as soon as and where possible.