How to Top Up Your Boiler Pressure

Underneath the boiler either directly or behind a panel you should see a steel braded hose connecting 2 x pipes,  on either end of the hose there will be 2 plastic taps,  turn these both clock wise SLOWLY and you will hear running water.  The pressure gauge on the front of the boiler / on the underside of the boiler – or the digital display will begin to rise. SLOWLY fill the boiler with water and when the pressure reading reaches 1.5 bars turn off both of the taps off. DO NOT LEAVE THE TAPS OPEN AND OVER FILL THE BOILER!!

Once the pressure is topped up to 1.5 bar and you have closed off both taps please reset the boiler by turning the dial to the front of the boiler to reset – hold this in the reset position for at least 3 seconds and then release.  Altertnatively it can be reset by turning the power off at the wall. The boiler should now function as normal. 

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