Please find below some of the Frequently Asked Questions that Dove Properties typically receive:


Tenancy Info - Payments / Charges

Please see below a list of our current agency charges / tenant payments:


Before the tenancy starts:


Student Tenants will have to pay a deposit of £200 each for a shared house. For an individual 1 bedroom flat for one person the deposit will typically be £300 or an amount equivalent to 1 month's rent. For Residential properties the deposit will be 5 weeks rent.


During the tenancy:


Rental payments overdue by more than 14 days will be subject to interest at the rate of 3% over the Bank of England Base Rate calculated from the date the payment was due up until the date the payment was received.


Payment for the reasonable cost for replacement of any lost key(s) or security device(s).


To pay the Landlord’s reasonable costs incurred as a result of any breach of the terms of the tenancy by the Tenant


To pay the reasonable costs of the Landlord or his Agent where the Tenant requests, and the Landlord has accepted the request, an assignment of or variation to the tenancy


Payment of any unpaid rent or other reasonable costs associated with your early termination of the tenancy, if agreed by the Landlord.


Please note we do not accept cash. Payments should be made by BACS payment. Be advised that in some cases we will just advertise properties on an "Introduction only" basis for landlords where we have no involvement in the contract signing. In these circumstances they may charge a different fee level to the fees that we charge. 


Please note that due to recently introduced "Right to Rent" Immigration legislation we may now need to carry out identity checks on all applicants. All prospective tenants will be asked to provide documentary proof of their "right to rent".


Please note contracts are legally binding for the full duration of the contract, so you should all be sure of your plans before you sign for a property. Should you wish to leave the property before the end of the contract, if we accept, you will only be released from your commitment if you can find a suitable replacement tenant who can take on your contractual responsibilities until the end of the contract. This person must be acceptable to us and we must have written consent from the  landlord and rest of your housemates agreeing to the change in tenant before we can make any changes to the joint and several agreement. 


Please note we are members of:


Safe Agent, RLA, NALS, SADLA, Property Ombudsman (Lettings)

We also have Landlord Client Money Protection Insurance from NALS (Safe Agent)

Please contact us on info@doveproperties.co.uk should you require more information.

No, Utility bills are not normally included in the rental price (unless otherwise specified). As tenants, you are responsible for the payment of Gas, Electricity and Water. We generally advise that tenants should consider budgeting in the region of £10.00 -£20.00 per person per week for their bills, depending on the size of the property, number of bedrooms and other influencing factors.  You will also be typically responsible for the cost of any Telephone and Internet for the property.

Yes all properties have a current Gas Safety Certificate. They are checked annually.

Sheffield City Council have recently made the majority of student areas into "Parking Permit Only" zones. A number of permits are usually allocated to residents. To check if your property falls into a permit zone, and how many permits you are allowed, please contact Sheffield City Council Parking Services on 0114 273 5469 or visit their website http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/parking/permit-parking

We recommend, and most tenants find, that insuring their personal belongings is a sensible option but is not mandatory requirement.

Usually full time students are exempt from paying Council Tax. However if you have recently left University or are not a full time student you will be required to pay Council Tax. If this is the case please visit http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/council-tax and follow the instructions. 

Under new Government regulations which came into effect in 2006, all properties inhabited by 5 or more occupants, which have 3 or more habitable storeys must now be "licenced" with the local council. Dove Properties have applied for a licence for all our "licensable" properties (which meet these criteria) and these are currently being processed by Sheffield City Council. Copies of licenses are available upon request from our office once issued by Sheffield City Council.

Yes, new government regulations mean that, as of October 2008, every property must have an Energy Performance Certificate. They are available to view on request from our office and are on our website property pages. 

Every property and landlord will provide a slightly different style and spec of interiors however, typically, student properties will come with basic furniture provided in the bedrooms, for example wardrobes and/or chest of drawers, bed and mattress. There will often also be a desk and chair provided. In the communal spaces there would normally be seating provided such as sofa and/or armchair(s). On only some occasions will a dining table and chairs be provided. A TV is usually only provided where the advert states this, otherwise tenants should prepare to bring their own (if required).


White goods and cooking facilities will also normally be provided in the kitchen such as washing machine, fridge, freezer or fridge freezer, oven with hob, or cooker. On some occasions a tumble dryer and/or dishwasher will also be provided.


Curtains and/or blinds will be provided for windows. Portable appliances such as kettles, toasters, sandwich makers and also pots & pans, bins, mops and buckets are not normally provided and tenants would normally bring their own.


For more information please refer to the advertisement, view the property in person and enquire at our office.

We usually take the rent every quarter and will require standing orders/ BACS payments to be set up by tenants for the rent due dates. These are:


20th June

20th September (or 5th October if you rely on the student loan to pay your rent)

20th December (or 19th January if you rely on the student loan to pay your rent)

20th March (or 19th April if you rely on the student loan to pay your rent)


Note: we are unfortunately no longer able to take any rents via post dated cheques.

Simply select the properties you are interested in from our website and use the "Viewing Enquiry Form". Please suggest days and times when all your group are all available, and we will set up a viewing appointment. One of the Dove Properties team will meet you at the property and show you around and answer any questions you may have. We ask that you do not just go round to the property and knock on the door without an appointment. We like to do professional conducted viewings and make sure our existing tenants have had notice that we are coming. Where possible we prefer to show your whole group around the properties in just one visit so as to minimise disruption to current tenants.

The vast majority of deposits are the equivalent of £200 pounds per person, payable by BACS to our account. If renting a one bedroom student flat for 1 person, the deposit would usually be £300 for the flat. For residential properties deposits are usually the equivalent of 5 weeks rent. All deposit payments need to be made as a single payment by the lead tenant from one account only.

Legally this is not possible. Contracts are legally binding for the full duration of the contract, so you should all be sure of your plans before you sign for a property. Should you wish to leave the property before the end of the contract, we will only release you from your commitment if you can find a suitable replacement tenant who can take on your contractual responsibilities until the end of the contract. This person must be acceptable to us and we must have written consent from the rest of your housemates agreeing to the change in tenant.

Yes, your deposit is protected under government "Tenancy Deposit" regulations with www.mydeposits.co.uk

Keys are available for collection after the tenancy start date , by appointment, Monday to Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm

Please make sure all of your group have considered the implications of signing for a property, taking advice where necessary. Please contact the office if you have any property specific questions and we will be happy to help. If you are interested in one of the properties you have viewed with us, please see below for details of how the sign-up process works. 

Procedure of ‘how to sign’ for a student property:


  1. Email into info@doveproperties.co.uk stating that you wish to apply for the property and/or any questions you have.
  2. You will then be asked a few questions about your group including full names, phone numbers and email addresses, so please ensure you've got this information ready.
  3. We will then need you to complete an online application form, and send us copies of your student card/contract or reference of employment, and your passport or birth certificate with driving licence. Please start preparing these now to speed up the process!
  4. Once we've got all of these documents in and everything is in order, we will look to get the property reserved and the paperwork out to you via email, subject to property availability.
  5. Within three working days we will need you to complete the paperwork and pay the deposit for the property. Please ensure you have carefully read through all the paperwork, specifically the tenancy agreement and payments schedule and are ready to sign following any questions you may have being answered. 

Please note: We encourage all of our customers to ensure they view a property before they agree to sign any paperwork so that they can make an informed decision.  Viewers should also make their own enquiries to Sheffield City Council to be sure of parking arrangements at or near to the property.  Viewing staff are provided to ensure a safe and orderly viewing appointment only. They should not be relied upon for information about the property. No person in the employment of Dove Properties and Estates Limited has the authority to make any warranty in relation to a property. Please note that where a listing does not specify bedroom door locks are included there may be none supplied and/or some doors may have out of use “redundant” locks. If you are unsure please ask for confirmation before reserving a property. For further information please contact the Dove Properties office on the details below.  All parties entering the property or grounds to view do so at their own risk.


Please note, the majority of student property Tenancy Agreements will start in early July and end in late June each year. The precise date in July and June will depend on the individual property and/or the landlord (e.g. a 1st  2nd, 3rd or 4th July start date/28th 29th or 30thJune end date).  For this reason, in some cases, the exact rental price may actually be ever so slightly different to that stated e.g. £80 per person per week may actually work out to be £80.40 per person per week due to the contract length being slightly less than a year (e.g. by a few days). Due to the large amount of properties listed and the large number of different landlords and contract dates it is not always possible to be exact on the decimal points of the rents from the outset. For this reason, the weekly rent figure is listed as an approximate.





We usually give our current tenants first refusal on the property. We will write to you in October asking you if you wish to stay on for another year. If you do wish to stay on, please get in touch in good time so we can reserve the property for you.

Unless otherwise stated on the property advert, yes you will. On a "Joint Contract" however you will usually only need just one license per property. These can be purchased online at www.tvlicensing.co.uk

As a minimum, the property will have battery operated smoke alarms fitted. Please note the tenants are responsible for testing all smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors fitted in the property on a regular monthly basis and to replace the batteries as necessary.