Information for Current Tenants


Property Lettings:

Lettings for the Next Academic Year start each year towards the end of October. Existing Tenants will normally have first chance to stay at the property for another tenancy, if they have a full group, their tenancy obligations have been met and landlord agreement is in place.


During Your Tenancy:

In order to coincide with Landlord mortgage dates, its important that tenant rental payments must be paid on the dates as agreed with ourselves for your property and on the tenancy agreement. 


With regards to property repairs and maintenance, if you are in a property managed day to day by “your landlord”, please contact them directly for their instructions. If however you are in a property managed by Dove, please see below.

For all maintenance queries and requests for properties managed by Dove, please ensure you submit your request in writing / using the specific request form

If you suspect a Gas leak please immediately call:

  • The National Gas Emergency Number on 0800 111 999.

For information on Electrical Power cuts affecting your area please visit:

For any issues out of hours, If you are experiencing boiler or heating problems and the property has “British Gas” "Property Heat Care" or “Failsafe Heating” boiler repair cover then out of hours, please call them direct for emergency assistance and quote your property address. Often a boiler may simply need the water presume topping up and various videos can be found on YouTube. Alternatively, please wait for office hours.


Should you have a major water leak, please locate the mains water stop cock, usually in the cellar or in the kitchen under or near the sink, and turn the water off (usually turn tap clockwise) and then drain the system by running the taps into the sinks.  


Should tenants have damaged the property out of office hours, and where it is not the responsibility of the landlord to repair or replace - then the tenants should arrange an exact "like for like" repair with a local contractor from For example, a blocked toilet, smashed window, inappropriate activation of fire or burglar alarm etc. The tenants are responsible for paying such items to the contractor. 


If you have lost your keys you should make alternative arrangements and wait for our office to be open. In case of a break-in or other emergency lock issues our Locksmith (for "managed" properties), who is sometimes available out of hours, is Barkers Locksmiths Tel: 07775 660 358. Please call them direct. If the cause of the lockout is tenant fault you will need to pay them directly on site.


Please note that an emergency is classed as when the incident is dangerous or life-threatening, or may cause serious damage to your house or adjoining properties. If your issue is not classed as an “emergency” you should wait until office hours e.g., lost keys, locked out of bedroom etc. Any false or non-emergency call-outs may be refused or subject to a fee. 

In extreme circumstances, tenants of "managed" properties only, may contact a contractor direct (e.g., by to organise a repair out of hours. Tenants will be reimbursed if the charge is justified, billable to the landlord (e.g., not tenant fault), and a receipt is kept and provided to us. Alternatively, please call the emergency services.


If you are a tenant of a “managed” property (where Dove are the property managers, not the landlord) and are corresponding out of hours in relation to an dangerous or life threatening emergency you may be able to contact and we will endeavour to respond as soon as and where possible. 


End of Tenancy:

Subject to your tenancy agreement obligations, you are required to carry out the following:


Final Property Inspection

Please discuss with all housemates to find out who is likely to be the last person(s) to be leaving for good. Once this is known please contact us to make an appointment for you to drop off your external door keys only, leaving the bedroom door keys at the property in the bedroom door locks. Experience of previous years is that many students leave Sheffield / move properties over the same time frame, so please make an appointment as far in advance as possible to ensure you get a time date that’s suitable for you.


Cleaning and Rubbish Removal

Make sure the whole of the property is clean, tidy throughout (see "checklist" on letter sent to you at the end of April) for the inspection. The main charges against deposits are typically due to cleaning and rubbish removal so please make sure you do this thoroughly.


Utility Bills

Gas, Electric, Water bills must be paid in full up to the end date of your contract. Do not disconnect the services to the property but tell the providers that it is the end of your tenancy and that new tenants are moving in. If your property is let to on an "Bills Inclusive" basis then please disregard the relevant bills.


Return of all Keys

Please ensure your main door keys are collected in a large envelope with the property address marked on the side and handed to the Dove Properties maintenance team on the day and time you have arranged. All bedroom keys need to be left in doors.


Mail Redirection

To be sure that you receive your future mail, please have it re-directed at the Post Office. This will help to protect you from possible identity theft. Unfortunately, neither we nor the incoming tenants will be held responsible for the re-direction or collection of your mail.


Rubbish Disposal

Please do not leave your rubbish disposal until the last week and your final bin collection. Experience tells us that there will be far too much for one bin load and the refuse collectors will not take away rubbish not stored securely within the bin. The bin-lid must be firmly shut with no rubbish left on street – failure to do this can result in fines from the Council. Please click into the link to request additional sacks from the council, if you feel your property will have too much waste to fit in one bin. These sacks will be the only additional ones to be collected. . Please do not leave any rubbish or personal possessions for us to deal with otherwise you may be charged.