Bills Information


Bills Inclusive Properties:


In recent years the demand from student and professional tenants for bills inclusive rental options has increased dramatically. A small proportion of our landlords will provide a bills inclusive rent in which the landlord will provide and pay for the utilities for the property. This will be clearly stated as bills inclusive in the heading of the property advert.


Unless clearly stated otherwise in the property advertisement and in clause 3.2 of the tenancy agreement, it is likely your contract with Dove Properties will be for rent only (no bills included).

If the advertisement reads “Bills Package Available @ ...” this is the bills package as discussed below not bills included with the rent.


Bills Package Available:


UniHomes and Split the Bills offer a service to tenants whereby the tenants of the property will have the option to pay their share of utility bills for the property direct to UniHomes/Split the Bills, who will arrange the provision of utilities for the property, usually gas, electricity, water, broadband and TV licence. The price that UniHomes/Split the bills offer is usually based on and will differ according to the number of tenants signed for the property – see price list below (this may be subject to change).


You are under no obligation to proceed with a UniHomes/Split the Bills package. There are other providers available and we advise you research the market before coming to a decision. If you wish to proceed with a bills package you will need to return to us a completed order form, which will be sent to you with the rest of the paperwork. We will then forward this onto UniHomes/Split the Bills who will be in touch with you directly to set up the account. Please note Without a completed order form no account will be created for you.


Please note that UniHomes/Split the Bills is not part of Dove Properties and Estates Limited and we accept no liability or responsibility for their service to you. Please ensure that you take advice where necessary and research the market before contracting with UniHomes/Split the Bills. Please note should you enter into agreement for the supply of utilities, Dove Properties and Estates may take a small commission from UniHomes/Split the Bills. We reiterate that you are under no obligation to enter into an agreement with UniHomes.


If you do decide to take up a bills package with UniHomes/Split the Bills please note that any utility queries will need to be directed to UniHomes not Dove Properties and Estates Limited



Please note Unihomes bills package is for Student tenants and mixed groups of Student and Professionals. Split the Bills provides the bills package for professionals only.