Deposit Returns Procedures - Important


It's that time of year when we process your deposit returns, but please remember that we can't return any cheques until we have received a few things.

If you were in a Dove managed house you must show us copies of your final Gas, Electric & Water bills showing meter readings where appropriate, along with proof of payment for each. Please see here for more information -

If you were in a house managed directly by your Landlord you must show your landlord the copies of final Gas, Electric & Water bills with corresponding proof of payment for each. Your landlord will need to send us their permission in writing before we can release anyine's deposit, please remind your landlord to do this once you have reached an agreement.

In both cases you must provide us with your forwarding address, either by providing a self addressed envelope or by emailing us with your name, the property you rented, and the address you would like your deposit cheque posted to.