A House or a Room in a Purpose-Built Block? 5 Reasons Why a House may be Better!



House or a room in a block? There are advantages and disadvantages to both and it’s a very personal thing. However, a lot of people seem to agree that a house can be made you own “home”. Not sure which to choose? Take a look below to find out more:

1)      Home Sweet Home

The very nature of living in a house, with an upstairs, downstairs, and your very own front door may give you that welcoming homely feeling that a room in purpose-built block won’t. Also, designated living, sleeping and working areas in a house, not often found in open-plan flats, can ensure that a nice personalised cosy feel that can be created - even in a rental property. Living with just your closest few friends means you can make your property into your home sweet home.

2)      Noise

Often, in large city blocks, there will be tenants above, below, and side to side your living space. This means there can be the inevitable crashing and banging of doors and stomping at all hours. In addition, inner-city blocks can tend to be on busy main roads, therefore the hustle and bustle of the city can be hard to escape – even in the middle of the night.

3)      Entertaining

Inviting people into your house for a get-together or celebration can mean more space and often a designated area to eat and socialise.

4)      Privacy

Generally, you may find you have more privacy. Living in your own house can mean less neighbours from all directions, and less prying eyes gazing over!

5)      The Great Outdoors

The majority of our properties provide outdoor space. Despite the unpredictable weather, it’s always nice to get some fresh air, plant your own vegetables or break out the BBQ and invite a few friends around to your garden.


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