6 Tips for Finding your Ideal Rental Home



Renting a new home is an exciting step. However, at times it can feel overwhelming.

As we get ready for letting season we hope that students will consider the following when booking viewings and thinking about getting ready to reserve a property for next year! It’s important the whole group or individual is happy before they sign contracts. Take a look at our handy tips to ensure you find what you’re looking for:

1.Think about your budget!


It may seem a bit obvious but it’s worth spending time to sit down and consider your finances; monthly outgoings including food shopping, clothing, car running costs and any ad-hoc spending that may arise, will give you an overall understanding of how much you have free for rent.

2.Make sure you know what you are looking for.


Would you like a communal area or a space for alone-time? Hopefully having an idea in mind for your living requirements will help to tick all the boxes when it comes to house-hunting.

3. Have a deposit and guarantor ready.


Ensuring you have all the financials in place will help you to secure the property you want when you find it.


4. Be sure it’s the right area for relevant university.


We have many properties in perfect locations for both of the Sheffield Universities. Avoid a face-palm moment by ensuring you’re close to the correct one. As locals to the Sheffield area we know our city inside out – and we’re always on-hand to advise. 


5. If in a group – make sure you all agree.


Try to have all or as many as possible of your group view the property to be sure it’s right for you all.

6. Be Positive.


Always look for positives in the house - even if the current tenants are a bit untidy! 


As a family-run letting agent we’ve been supporting tenants for over 25 years to ensure we find the best fit for them. To find out more details about viewing properties please take a look at our viewing guide.


Happy House Hunting!